How to create multiple/dynamic markers on google maps

that looks like an actual guide. Thank you for crating this guide

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I liked it very much,
but does it take a lot of sites?

Maybe after got response from database create a procedure to load markers in map by 10 or by 20 using a clock


@Aditya_Nanda @msr79526 @Panos_42 Thank you all

What sites you mean @_FTTX

Yups good idea @dora_paz :+1:


The locations of the application users
are longitude and latitude.
When I have time, I start building it, but I saw your work and liked it, and it helped me a lot as well.
Thank you

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So how can I know what number marker the user clicked?
I tried this way :

But I get an error : ‘’ Attempt to get item number 0, of the list (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11). The minimum valid item number is 1 ‘’

Change index in list thing component to latitude of list global lat.

actually no need to use any block. just use this block.



How can I put a description on it? I already have the title, can’t I put a description on it?

How can I see all or most of the properties that I can add in this JSON format?

How does the color code work in the market?

Json string should look like this for example with all properties set


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Thank you very much snippet: it was what I mentioned as a description.

How do I know what color is what?

I don’t know the color code used in the locations.

on google maps (add marker from Json), to get color not using color component or color hex code, but using numeric code allowed from 0 to 359



Is there a page that shows me and gives me the color code?

copy Testspread1.csv put it Where?

In this tutorial, my csv file is in Bluetooth folder.
If your csv in folder download, you need to change folder name in file copy procedure blocks

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if there are 2 markers then what will be the json string??
plzz help


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tnx a lot dear

I did everything as you said, and I got an error. I didn’t change your spreadsheet, and I get this.

  1. Show me your spreadsheet

  2. Check block
    Global description select item index 5
    Global description select item index 6
    Global description select item index 7
    Global description select item index 8

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