How to create mysql table with auto increment?

No SQLite or Mysql are different

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Then how to create mysql auto increment table from application ??

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Read This Tutorial Puravida Properly Explain How to Use Mysql In Kodular and Run Queries For Create Table, Create Columns, Delete Column Ect.


you should reconsider your table design
also you might want to do some general tutorials about database design and working with databases
try a Google search


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I answered you in the answer above. :+1:t2:

in post text i will have to post this

This is the command that you will place in your block that executes SQL commands.

We already talked about this.


web1 post text ( here we should add the command)

To execute the SQL commands in the kodular blocks, you must use the example of @Taifun Taifun or @juananton1991, these examples have the blocks ready.

Please read the answers given above. After you read, take your test.

In portuguese ?