How to create 'Order History' screen

Create a custom listview using dynamic components by @yusufcihan


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I already see that, at here i want to change my List’s look

Something like this…

Then you have to use dynamic component extension, to give rich look…

Can you show me blocks​:roll_eyes: please​:hugs:

Do you know how to use dynamic component??

Create a VSA in HA.

  1. In the HA add a image first
  2. Again create a VA in the HA (set the VA width to screen widthX70)
    2a. In this VA create a label for Date
    2b. Again create a label for survey
  3. Create a label in HA for money


Got it​:+1:

Thanks for telling me about this Extension

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Use this latest version from here,

Already proposed above :slight_smile:

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Already Downloaded​:+1:

Thank you so much​:hugs:

@Still-learning what is the best way to store Transactions data in firebase?

It mean?? Depends upon your style… Why don’t you use gsheet , as it is free to use… that also will work like charm…

I don’t know that how to use Google sheet​:dizzy_face:

Oh no… Then use firebase…

I want to store withdraw and purchase both data in firebase

Set Project Bucker- Users/registered Users/(name or user ID)

Set Firebase Tag- if he click withdraw , save the amount in withdraw if not save in purchase

U can Use an Extention by @AppHelper_Studio

You Can find in his App
Theres A Youtube tutorial also for His Extention

You can you list addon extension to order the firebase value in sequence

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