How to create own custom listview?

Is it possible to create own dynamic list for my needs? Like Facebook and YouTube has different listview? For now I make those manually but it takes a lot of time and component just for 1-5 index. It will be very nice if we can create own list view without extension like we create custom sidebar.

I think now we just can write a html and show it on the webview to make it like a listview.

I hope we can create custom listview too!


Yes, it will be very nice if we can create listview like we create custom side menu with arrangement.

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can somehow shows some example? i’m interested in this
is it possible to create buttons too?

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Sadly, not possible for Now but we may able to do this soon:grimacing:

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soon? that’s a good new!
i’m pretty busy, but when this feature will be available for sure i’ll work on my app


hi @David
i was wondering…

  1. will be possible to have a listview with textbox too?
  2. and when will be ready this stuff you mentioned before (custom listview)???