How to create Placeholder loader

how to create a placeholder loading

Title and message should never have the same content :roll_eyes:

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Share more information about what help u need. Otherwise no one can help u.

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Sorry deleted your post by accident. Can you post again.

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Use Lottie files

wana show placeholder loader before appear actual content just like

Did you search the community?

this is only placeholder html , i want proper logic block before content load and after content load

You didn’t tell that when you asked your question.
Why not use the html. Show in a webview. And make the webview invisible and show the loaded content?

You must try something before Kodular is for learning. You cannot expect everything as it is you will get it.

i so wana use placeholder because the actual content take delay time to appear on screen , if i do your above your give procedure , the delay content will remain same , i hope you getting my point

Then make blueprint for actual content in html and css and show in webviever when load complete disable webviever and show main content

got Solution

Would you mind sharing the solution (how did you achieved that i.e blocks or something. Only video is not enough) so it can help others having the same problem

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Ya Sure , some of the block is not available in kodular enviroment , because these are external Extensions , you can search from the google search engine

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Improved version of Recycler Dynamic View with placeholder loader