How to create pop up dialog like that

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  1. Create list of matching search items
  2. text box in a arrangement
  3. use notifier to show the pop up
  4. use the block when text box On text changed, simple

notifier will show the dialouge in middle what if he want to show the recommended list with textbox

you can try to set the height of the arrangement in fixed value instead of auto mode

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It’s not possible to show popup with notifier component. If you used to show dialogue then you wouldn’t be able to focus on textbox and other component till the dialogue dismisses. You can use custom layout as popup menu and can arrange it like popup with the help of Floating View extension


You can also use an Popup Menu - Simple popup menu extension :point_down: by @DevYB if you want a simple drop-down without any customization

I am not good with these kind, but i meant like this only,

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