How to create recyclerview in kodular

Can anyone tell me how to create recyclerview in Dynamic components or in listview.

This may help you

I think it is not a recyclerview, am I right?

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Can you explain what is difference between Listview & Recycler View.

Gridview ???

i think he want to circulate the list??

Recycler view is different from list view.
They recycles the list items to save memory.
They are designed to show large data.

Know more at:


In listview, if we want 1000 titles it creates 1000 titles, but in Recyclerview if we want 1000 titles it creates only some titles like 10 and uses that title using recycling it.

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Maybe this can be Implemented with Scroll Handlers.

You can use recycler view Extension.

But it is paid right?

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I want only to call data like 5 or 10 when list reached bottom.

Is Possible, I will Post later Currently I am Busy.

ok, Are you using scroll handler?


Try Something Yourself till then.

On screen initialise load 10 data and on reached bottom again load the data.

yes that’s possible with that

How to call data from airtable one by one

First assign a variable to row no., then in the procedure set the variable to get variable + 1

i use this in my app and it works.


But I think it takes more time to load, is it?

Please make a guide on vertical scroll handlers