How to create update dialog

You have made the simple process very complicated.

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that is what i was going to say… :joy::joy::joy::joy:

I suggest you to start form scratch and you can refer my block as well it will take no more than 15 min to do what you want.

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Now follow all step given below…as i forgotten to tell something before-

  • create custom dialog block on screen initialization
  • Remove all other blocks of create custom dialog…(Forgot to tell this)
  • set update_dialog-arrangement visible to true by default… and remove block where you used update_dialog-arrangement visible to true or false
  • now after getting data only use show custom dialog.

As clear As Glass…:wink:


Thank you very much @themaayur

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Well if you will look deeply then you will find this:

So now the question arises that how can be a null custom dialog shown?

that’s now removed,…

But no one noticed that so I thought that I should point out the ‘real problem’.


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