How to create withdrawal or add money history in fire base

how can i create add money history in my app please help he any one my firebase

I want to create history section like this upi_test.aia (188.3 KB) this is my aia file please help he any one

So, what’s the problem?
you seem to have it done already…

it showing run time error

It looks like your list requires ‘amount’ ‘ID’ ‘status’ & ‘date’
but you have only amount, id and status on database

every possible thing i tryed but problem didnt fixed

Can you state what are they?
Try printing on label the values that you are calling from list.
wherever you are calling 4th list item print the value on label and take a look

create list in variable and check if its working then your problem us in listing making. or else list is unbalanced like title is 3 and subtitles 4.

Use this block and your problem is 100% solved

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mam can you kindly share your firebase structure
bcz this block is not working