How to delect a project bucket by the app

I create a project bucket for every user and if user want to delect their account then how can they
i mean i want to delect the bucket programitically

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I think you mean “delete” instead of “delect”.

If the Project Bucket only contains one tag you can simpy use:

Because if you only have one tag in the bucket and delete it, the whole bucket will be deleted.

But if you have more Tags in one Bucket you can use:
for each <value> in list
|-> Clear Tag

I think he means in :fire:Firebase, project bucket exits only there.
But, I think there’s no way to do that. Don’t create an own bucket to everyone.

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Thanks but can i create unlimited bucket in blaze plan or their are some limitations

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I know he means Firebase :smiley:
And it is possible to delete a whole Project Bucket with this method :wink:
I have used this method for myself and it worked.
Becaue if there is no tag, the bucket will automatically deleted

I think that even with the free version there no limitations

Here a link for the plans and pros and cons of it:

and btw. Did my solution work? :sweat_smile: If so: Dont forget to mark it: :white_check_mark: :wink:


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