How to delete a row from a table?

how to delete a row from a table?

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what am I doing wrong

The operation remove list item cannot accept the arguments:

Do It Result: ITEM1,ITEM2

Most probably the parameter row is not what you expect…
I never used that extension but most probably row returns the row values but not the row index…

To delete a row from a list of lists, use the index of the row you like to delete


can you tell me how to do it

which row number do you like to delete?

See if this works for you

thanks for pointing me in the right direction, I changed it a bit and it works!!!

can i delete from two tables at the same time?
i need to delete from the first table
from the second table

when deleting from one table, so that it is deleted from the second one too

I believe so, try it and see

and more if you can find out how can I delete by button and not by selection?

Maybe use a textbox to set row number and then when button click use textbox’s text

can you give an example

Something like this maybe ?

thanks a lot
how can i display the index?

In table ? like this …?

1 gsk-8    40
2 gsk-9    65
3 gsk-12   50
4 gsk-5   100

i need to remove found element
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yes, how can i implement it?

Try this way

thanks a lot

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sorry, how can I attach this procedure to the button

A simple example