How to delete Cloudinary image with button click?

How to delete Cloudinary image with button click ?

What have you tried ?

P.S. There is no block for that, so you can’t. You have to delete it manually.

Unfortunately it is not possible.

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There is a destroy method in api, but you can’t do it using web, because there is no option for that. As of I understand.

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Will you help me It will benefit everyone.

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It’s possible by using Java so maybe someone can make a addon extension.

I really don’t know, if it’s possible

This can help you:

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i can’t make extension

Ohhh… how I missed that :thinking::grimacing:

Check this

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but noting understand java

Check Curl

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understand this ,

Destroy method

The destroy method is used to immediately and permanently delete a single asset from your Cloudinary account (to delete multiple assets see the Admin API Delete resources method). Backed up assets are not deleted, and any assets and transformed assets already downloaded by visitors to your website might still be accessible through cached copies on the CDN.

To bypass the CDN caching, you can include the invalidate parameter in your POST request in order to also invalidate the cached copies of the asset on the CDN. It usually takes between a few seconds and a few minutes for the invalidation to fully propagate through the CDN. For details on invalidating media assets, see Invalidating cached media assets on the CDN.

Cloudinary::Api.delete_resources(public_ids = {}, options = {})

How to use it? please help b.rother
curl -X POST --data ‘public_id=sample&timestamp=173719931&api_key=436464676&signature=a788d68f86a6f868af’