How to detect app users from contact list

Hello Koders, I am trying to make a chat app and i want a facility in my app that whenever a user clicks a button , another screen opens and shows the name of the users which use my app and are also in users contact list. I am not able make such a code and am not getting a proper extension for that. And if his or her contacts are using the app the show their profile in list view with image and text . Please help me . I have to complete this project till tomorrow and there is much work pending . Please Helppppp ! I don’t know how to attach a photo of the screen and share the .aia file here but i am trying to do so . Please help fast !

What you can do is create a user database (in airtable or firebase) and store the phone numbers of the users who use your app there.

You use this extension to get a list of contacts:

With an IF you compare if a phone number in your database is in the list of contacts.


Thanks for you reply and kind help @pepocero . I have tried it and did it successfully but i just got which contact numbers are using my app . How can i get names of contacts from their phone number using Leo Contact ? Can you please explain me how should i code for each number which is using my app to get the names of them all in the user’s phone ? Please Help !

There is also a parameter called namelist in the got contact event, so you can store namelist in one variable and number list in second variable and either using index in list block or using for each number block you can detect index, and after detecting index of the phone number, you can get name by using select list item block where list should be namelist and index the index you got


Thank you @Soham_Shah for your answer. I am a new koder and don’t know how to deal with these codes. Can you give me the .aia or a photo of the codes ? Because i didn’t understand what you explained to me. And i am very sorry for consuming your time but please help me with the codes .

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Check This @GR8


Aia File
LeoContact.aia (56.2 KB)



In the extension link there is an aia file that shows how the extension works. You only have to look at the blocks to understand how it works.