How to dial any number

And what do you expect from us with just showing that picture of a designer having some random phone numbers???



I want to make an app like a phone diary. Which has more than 700 names and numbers and how to dial those numbers directly ??

Something like this:


I am very new to kodular. I need all the information

I have a list of the numbers of more than 700 people’s representatives in our government that the government has provided to us.
I want to keep those names and numbers as an app. By using this app, all the people can have direct contact with the people’s representatives.

You can show them in a list view, and use the Phone call component to call them when an item is picked from your list.

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How to design a blocks??

What about trying your self? Just add a list view, and a phone call component, set the list view elements to your phone numbers ,in the blocks:
Use the after picking event to detect that the user picked a number.
Set the phone call component phone number property to the list view selection ( property ).Then use this block to call this phone number:

If something isn’t clear feel free to ask :relaxed:

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also use firebase and then do it coz with me without firebase it never works


No one can help you in building the blocks from scratch. We can only provide links to documentation and other resources through which you can learn and understand these blocks and developing apps through it. Below is the link to documentation

  1. Various video resources from YouTube

  2. Beside there are many topics/guides in this community. Just search under #guides, #guides:resources , etc.

  3. Besides there are websites that have some best snippets and tutorials like :point_down:

Hope you will get familiar to this platform soon :+1:


In what way your reply is connected to topic?
I mean why to confuse users who is already confused about even using the blocks? :point_down:


first off all. @gautamsamrat2 u need to change ur post by editing .
u arrange blocks in a specific manner which makes the code run.


he will get all of it soon.
i am trying to mean by simply using that call component blocks wont work. he allso needs to use firebase. it gives good connectivity and using that there will be no errors in app