How to disable inline clickable links

Can anybody tell me how to disable the inline clickable link in the label?

Maybe @pavi2410 can help?

can we set the clickable link in lable ??
like we added a description and some links in it in label then is link will in app ???

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Links in label are now highlighted and clickable by default. It can’t be disabled.


But I hope we can disable it in the next version, because it is really not beautiful if I not use it.

I will add a new property to disable it.


Sorry if I get into this discussion, but what reported by @jayguo happens to simple numbers too. In this case numbers with 6 ≤ no. digits ≤ 11 are converted into clickable links that start the phone app installed on smartphone. Below a screenshot with some examples (no code, only labels with the Text field properly filled):

This makes it tricky using some apps that show numbers on labels.

My question for @pavi2410 is whether this behavior depends on the same causes discussed above.

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The numbers are highlighted because of the regex used matching it as a phone number. This will happen whenever you set label text. Currently, there is no way to disable it. But the next update will have a way to customize this behaviour.


I see. I really hope that the next update will happen very soon because the current behavior of Labels makes it difficult to make good applications where Labels are used to display numbers. In this case, the links are not an aesthetic “problem”, but a problem for the usability of the applications.
In any case, thank you for your efforts.

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