How to display label in full....need help with blocks?

here is my block and i want to display label btn full screen after select from listview. Is new screen needed…???

Hello, please explain what you exactly want, also add some screenshot of examples if possible

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Set List view visible to false
When spreadsheet got cell


Sorry i dont have more screenshot.
What i realy want is that in above pic, when i select item from listview and to appear the content in full screen. Label tobe full screen and hide listview…

Thanks…let me try again

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In designer:
Put another label below each block and make all of them visible to false. Also in advanced properties of each label set html format checked.

Now in blocks:


or you can use two arrangements than set the one with listview visible to false when clicked an item than show the selected item in full screen on the other arrangement.

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this one must be good but can you show with blocks. pls

Can you tell me with blocks

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