How to display text of label by detecting which particular label was pressing at runtime?

I have multiple sets of 3 labels (heading, title 1, title 2) and Im displaying “share option” to share all text of 3 labels to other apps (whatsapp, fb etc).
It works just fine with the 1st set as i have selected “label1,2 & 3” in the block window.

Im new to building android apps & im not working with dynamic lablels as all labels are placed in app in design mode only.

Please advice how to do it with all other labels at run time as and when either of them are pressed (long press event).

Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the community. Please post a screenshot of your blocks in order to get help. Also have a look at


Better you can post your aia… We will try to understand from it…

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kindly close this thread, i shall post a new one with some screenshots ! thanks

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Topic closed at OP’s request

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