How to display the tags and subtags from firebase in a list view?

please help me to finish my mobile application to be submitted today. i don’t know how will i display it.

i want to display it like this: (literal separated from its parents)

here are the result:

this is my blocks:

disclaimer: i am not expert at this and not familiar on how to use kodular, this is my first time using this.

Why do you create duplicate post?

because it was stated on my first post that i want to display it on a spinnerlist but i changed my mind and go back to list view. sorry, my bad.

In five peso 5 details are there
In one peso 12 details are there.

What you want to bring in list view?

Stay with your old thread. Or mod pls merge the topic

the results picture are the ones i just added since i deleted the previous notifications due to some reason. but the data in the firebase is what i want to display. how can i display the tags and subtags?

i want to see the: one-peso, five-peso, and ten-peso tags showing also their subtags like this:

"Critical Level
five-peso critical level advisory:

  • 1st detail
  • 2nd detail
  • 3rd detail
  • 4th
  • 5th

one-peso critical level advisory:

  • 1st
  • 2nd
  • 3rd
  • nth…

and same goes to ten-peso (will add this also) "

these are the data from raspberry pi and was sent to firebase. and from firebase, i want it to display in my kodular app.

i’m sorry if my explanation is messy or hard to understand. but this is the topic that i want to solve, using list view. please bear with me.

Add few more critical data under every tags. Now only one sub tag is there. For testing purpose