How to display users data to another screen using firebase?

When firebase db got value store it in tiny db and call it from anywhere by using tiny db get value block.

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ok let’s try!!

Take care:
you forget to put “/”…
You must do like this:
blocks (77)
Not like this:
blocks (78)
Notice missing “/”

And you didn’t answer me :
Is this is your database?

yes this is my

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i have add this “/” but also getting an error

thanks, but getting an error

show us what you have tried.

sorry, but i think @NOKIA’s maximum number of replies is over…

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because nokia is new

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Then try this:
blocks (79)

I think Firebase used in screen1 can not be used on screen2 to call data that’s why you get an error.

You have to transfer that data with start value by calling it on screen1.

Use open another screen with start value block and in start value use nameAndEmail Variable not the userID.

blocks (10)
blocks (11)
in screen2 romove all the firebase blocks.
And use this bock to close your Screen2.
blocks (12)

use these blocks and i can guaranteed that this problem will solve :grin: :grin:

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use Vertical Arrangments Visible property to make more than one screen in Screen1.

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how can i do this using vertical arragament? :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle:

thanks Wallpaperli its work but i have a question

you are telling me that we can’t call data to other screens in firebase but Mohamed_Tamer say that we can do this.

follow this guide:

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see this snippet:

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i am not an expert you should ask these questions from others and i know these things from @The_K_Studio and @vknow360 so thanks to those guys.