How to display website on app

I want to display a website on my app but the app show the same layout as on website. I want to display it according to me… ??

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Use website api
For example you can show live cricket score by website but by your own way
If you want cricket livescore aia I have already made it the price of it is hundred rupees

Ummm Ok but i was here to learn…! send the sample app link if i like it i will buy it…!

And you have all the right to do so, a suggestion to you is that you wait for several answers from other users

Use caution when dealing on the net



Can you elaborate the “according to me”? It is related to the website, when you edit the website it will change it on the app.

Use WebViewer component to display the website on the app. However, you can also run a JavaScript code in the website to hide/show elements, modify the website, etc. by using the “Evaluate JS” block, so you can modify the website according to yourself.

Of course, all changes will be temporary, it won’t affect the original website. It will only change the look in the app. When you refresh the website, all additional executed scripts changes will be gone.

If you don’t know JS, it is not a problem much, just you can search on Google, there are a lot of code snippets about that.


Use web viewer to do this.

And it will show until you run some codes from your side.I also do not know about that.But I am sure Google will help you a lot.

I just want to ask why?:grin:
Why you want to spoil hard work of Website Owner?
Make your own and edit it as you want.

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Ohkkk sir i also want to learn not want to just edit the stuff and use it so…:zipper_mouth_face:

I mean to say that the way i want to show it on my app not the kind of layout according to website…

I am kinda making a football score displaying app kinda sports app so the things display according to me not by the website i will get data from…


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Yaaa u are right buddy i was trying to make a sports score displaying app (mainly football) so will get data from a website then display it on mine…acc to me…:grimacing::grimacing:

Do you have rights from the web owner to do that


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Like i don’t want some one stuff and edit it and use it for mine needs

its better to learn and make it on my own…

what kinda of codes…???

What did you mean with this emoticon? I hope you didn’t mean that @Boban should be quiet?


No sir not at all…:worried:

I stand no where i front of @Boban sir…

Sorry if u thought sooo I had no intentions to do that… I used it for myself that i don’t want to use another stuff want to learn and make mine own

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@yusufcihan has stated that

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Sir App and aia for usig json is ready do you want demo app?

If the website has contents with element ID, then it is easy to catch by executing a line of JavaScript. For example, this element has content which is “Download”.

And if I try to get the content by using the element ID; (In this case; “material-tooltip-63”) I can easily catch the content.