How to do a button to subscibe?

in paypal they allow you to make buttons to subscribe, I wanted to know how to establish that once they make the purchase they are enabled a series of new buttons that they can access. And every time they enter they can access those contents if the monthly payment is paid if not blocked

Use firebase database for that with the users ID to store date. And add google billing to your app. When google billing is done store some value on firebase . After that add if, then and else statements checking whether with the User ID value is stored or not if yes then let your buttons to be visible else not.

I can help you with PayPal gateway…& for that subscribe button…

how can I do it?

Can you send me an example of how I have to configure the blocks and components to use.

Why not use the In-app purchases subscribe block?

this is what I have, in the green part I would place the data that they give me in the play store.
For the rest it would be fine or I would miss some section?