How to do a different action when clicking CheckBox?

I have a checkbox where the user has to confirm that they have read and accept the terms and conditions, but there is no block for when the user clicks the checkbox (currently when he clicks the checkbox is checked) nor can you use html in the text of the checkbox. !
So how can I make sure that when the user clicks on “Terms and Conditions” of the text “I accept the Terms and Conditions” he will see my page where the terms are?

I know there is another topic with this subject (Guide to use checkbox with terms and conditions) but what I intend to do is different!

In the checkbox blocks section u will find checkbox checked property block using the logic to true or false you can know that the user had checked your terms and conditions or not

Why not use a horizontal arrangement with an empty checkbox alongside a label. When the label is clicked you get the Terms and conditions. The arrangement itself has also a click event.



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