How to do block arrangement please help

I am creating an app but i have some problem.
please help me!
If I take 5 horizontal arrangement and one image is shown in 2nd horizontal arrangement then how to make only 2nd horizontal arrangement clickable and else all horizontal arrangement clickable false.
Similarly if image shown in 3rd horizontal arrangement then 3rd horizontal arrangement become clickable true all other horizontal arrangement becomes clickable false?
Please help me in block for this issue!

First show what you have tried then other developers will try to help You…

In properties their is the options of clickable. Use that…

if image is in 2nd horizontal then it is clickable and after that same image moved in 3rd horizontal then make 3rd clickable
how to get data that image is present in which arrangement and make this arrangement clickable and other clickable false?

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What you have tried can you please show that…

Check properties of horizontal arrangement you want to make clickable… You will see the option there.

Or, if you want to do it using blocks, then use this block…

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