How to do/Extension idea: alphabetical scrollable list view

Hey there:upside_down_face: Can I do an alphabetical scrollable list view like image below in Kodular, with letters? If not, maybe it could be a great extension idea (it could have also nice animations):star_struck:


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There are already extensions that filter Firebase. Draw the layout and use these extensions.

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Hmmm… I don’t understand these things:sweat_smile:

  1. What does it has to do with it Firebase?
  2. Your YouTube video seems to show only a list view research
  3. What do you mean with “inconsistencies”?

Fixing: extensions

The extension filters.
The layout sends the value to be filtered (A, B, C, D …)

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What I said is a little different: an extension that show a side vertical alphabet and when the user scroll the list view, it is shown the current letter

You really don’t know or did not understand . :thumbsup:

No, unfortunately I don’t understand you, sorry:sweat_smile:
I have found a new image to show better what I mean

Is this :point_down: the extension you want?

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Yeah, this is exactly what I wanted, thanks:innocent:

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