How to do this Firebase

I’ve used fiberbase in my app. Now I want only the first time my content is retrieved on internet from the firebase, after this it will be offline store.So that every time the app launch is not needed again. my content is based on png icons in gridview. how to do this

You can use TinyDB to check if the app is running for the first time on the device.
Simply have a TinyDB variable called, say, FirstRun. When the app opens, check if it is True or if it doesn’t have any value at all. If so, get your assets from Firebase, and set FirstRun to False after all the assets have been downloaded.

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if you can provide me a tutorial video link its thank you

You can do that with TinyDB as Vishwas said, but if you want an easier way to do that (I mean with fewer blocks), you can use an extension for that.

This FirstRun extension by ColinTree allows checking if the code is the first time to run. You can find instructions, download, and others on his website:


Will isFirstRun remain false even after clearing app’s data?

It will become false when you clear it’s data. It’s just like resetting something

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Unfortunately, yes :frowning_face:.
I think use a bit more blocks than extension - a simple extension is at least 6 KB.

Well, there are multiple ways to achieve this. Depends on the developer to decide

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See if this :point_down: tutorial by @Taifun can help you
How to overcome the App Inventor project limit of 10 MB