How to download videos like this in list views 4 file download at same time ? It's possible or not

here is a screenshot of vidmate app

how to make like this

Just use dynamic component extension [F/OS] - Dynamic Components Extension (for every component) 2.2.2 to create such layout and add the logics for such progress

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Yes you can make like that as screenshot but you have to do lot of logics. Save the file name with according time like [hhddyyyyMMmmss] in tag and in value make a list & in
list 1: file name
list 2: file size in tiny db.
And when you want show file in listview or anything else for that just see my blocks in image

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I have created a list
Here you can see

But my problem is
how to integrate downloading system in this list with speed and progressbar

You can try with when any event triggered block

event block means
Can you create and show blocks
Please :pleading_face: