How to edit aab file

Hey Guys, I wannt to add some Assest and Libary in my Aab File and Sign it. I tried Using APK Editor but It’s not running(Version 1.6). First Found Saying Some file are missing. so i downloaded but got this error. Anyone have any idea.
Application Error:

the application was unable to start correctly(0x000007b). Click ok to close the application

Hey there,

APK is one thing and AAB is another one. You cannot edit an AAB file (Android App Bundle) with an APK editor (Android Package Kit). It is impossible to “update” an .aab file so you will have to add those assets from inside the Kodular editor and then export your .aab file again. Good luck and if you have more questions, we are all here to help you!

Hey there, Thank You for Responding.
But is there no other way, bcuz i can’t do it for some reason

Sadly, no. You can only edit the app from within the Kodular editor. Maybe, there is a way, but it would be probably very time-consuming and just not worth it in general. For assets over 5 MB per project, you have to get Kodular premium, which is worth it if you can get a profit from the app.

EDIT: I’ve also heard that there is a limit for the app of 32 MB per project, haven’t heard of that before, but it is good to keep in mind when developing. Kodular premium has all of those features unlimited.

Please tell me
Edit: If i Add my Assest and library in Apk. and then Use this Method. Edit or Modify the AAB file
Does Play Store Support it

I said: “Maybe”, meaning that I don’t know how to do it, nor that I am really interested in it, since personally for me, the limit is okay for my app requirements. Maybe search the forum for other posts regarding the limit?

Use 7zip, add files to assets folder and sign with jarsigner

I have two methods that work perfectly fine for this purpose. I have used both for my apps that are available on Google Play store and so far there are no issues with Google.

The first one involves using ZipSigner mobile app. Here is the tutorial.

It is a quick method and can be reused over and over again. Also you can save multiple keys with different names to sign different apps.

Second method is a solution for PC, the advantage of this is that you don’t need to send the aab file to your phone and back to your PC again. You need to download aab-signer here then follow the instructions in the video tutorial below. Actually it is so easy and once you get it right, it will be the fastest method you can use.

With the above methods, you can develop AAB files of any size and put as many assets as you wish, you are only limited by the Google Playstore file limit.

Cheers as you build your app, all the best! :blush: