How to extend the length of image chat bubbles in Chat view?

How do I stretch image message bubbles inside chatview to stretch all the way to 100% of the screen like I can with text messages?

Anyone here with experience in chatviews care to share their tips?

I just found out that most other types of messages besides text message also have the same problem. Any ideas guys?

Might there be a method to possibly extend the length of the bubble (Maybe using javascript through whatever method (Please state)), if by default there is no way to adjust it?

One way could to use dynamic extension :

Each time you have an aswer, you created a dynamic label, that you can totally customize

I must say that, that truly is an excellent extension! I have used it extensively. However, because I am using the chatview component of kodular, I am not able to use the extension you mentioned to create chat bubbles for the chatview component of kodular, or can I?

In my mind, you don’t use the chatview component, but this extension. Each time there is an answer, you add a new Horizontal arragement with label and / or image… Like this, you can control all the sizes…

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I see, unfortunately, that would require me to redo all the effort I have put into it, which was weeks of work for my level of kodular skill. But Thank you.

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