How to fast display code block?

Is there a way to make the code read fast

er? Because I tried to run a long piece of code, it became slow

What does all these mean?! You didn’t posted any blocks.

sry just now updata

An English version would be helpful! :hugs:

Looks like an earning app. Am I right?

==Maybe maybe not, hahaha, are you optimistic? I want to take him down

Is there a way to make code blocks run faster?

Earning apps are not allowed! There any many devs out there who are working hard and making a very small bucks. And I hate earning without doing anything. Sorry.

Do not repeat yourself. That’s how your codes can work on a optimised way.

I have a job, and I am doing it now. If you think so, you are wrong. We have to keep pace with the times. If this thing makes it easy for me to make huge profits in the future, that is my ability. It ’s not right. I ’m not without hard work. I worked hard first, and then I enjoyed the blessing. Is n’t this in line with the principle of a farmer farming? When you grow rice in autumn and wait for winter, you will not be afraid of eating rice

Good luck getting it approved.

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