How To Fetch Firebase Google Login Data to Next Screen

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Recently I’ve been working on an app which educates you all about the universe. I planned to add a google sign in and the data such as Name, Email address, can be used in other screens for different purposes.

Like fetching the name, and saying " Hi NAME, what do you want to learn today? "

But Being new to Kodular, I don’t know how to do so, I search a lot but couldn’t find anything related to my query.

I would be obliged if anybody could help me.

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Bhavya Jha

If login success, save the email address and name and all in tinydb with particular tag name.

And in screen2 just call this tinydb data to next screen

In login screen,


In any screen,

For more info

Tiny DB - Kodular Docs/

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Thank you so much for your kind help, I’m Highly obliged to you!

Thanks and Regards,
Bhavya Jha

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