How to fill a image without being disproportionate

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I am making another wallpaper app. The wallpapers are links that I get from Airtable. I also use dynamic cards view. How can I fit the image to the container by filling it instead of changing the width and height of the image to the same as the container?
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Original image:

use card view

Try to set image height and width to 100%.

Set width and height to full parent.
Set the image scale picture to fit property to true.
Set the card view padding ( right , left,bottom,top ) to 0
Also you can see this guide:

Also you can try to set the width and height of the image and the width and height of the card to automatic.So they scale without getting stretched

While you are creating the images.Se those properties :

And while you are creating the card views set those properties:

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But they are dynamic. How can I change the properities? :sweat_smile: It’s an aia that I download, so I don’t know how to use it jejeje

Using any component methods.Something like that:
blocks - 2020-08-28T122833.810

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What is the problem?

You are trying to declare a property of a component that has not been created yet I think. Meaning there is no such ID created(null ID)

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How can I fix it? Can I send you the aia and help me please? :pray:t2: @Mohamed_Tamer @Vaibhav

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Yes you can. :wink:

I can’t open a dm to you :sweat_smile:
DM me please

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