How to filter spinner based on other spinner selection?

I have two spinners the first is a one-field list the second is a two-field list that contains the first

How to filter spinner based on other spinner selection?

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but my problem is spinner 1 list with :

ect ect

second spinner list with



i want that when i choose a “provincia” in the first spinner filter “city” in second spinner for value first spinner

excuse my orrible english

Honestly I don’t know what all these means! So I am unable to understand how these are related to each other.

But I can explain:
Let say you have first spinner with Country names. And the second spinner shows states of the country selected on spinner 1.

So, to sort them depending on spinner 1 selection, you’ve to create different lists containing state names (i.e: List1 contains all states of USA, List2 contains states of India etc.)

Now, if user select India on spinner1, set spinner2 elements from string <List2>,
Else if, user select USA on spinner1, set spknner2 elements from string <List1>

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thanks, you are very kind.
I was hoping you could do a query that would filter the data without doing it by hand

You will use the block ( yellow ) with the After Selecting event of the first spinner. It will return the chosen( selection )value to you. After that create the routine to filter and fill the second Spinner.

Exactly I was looking for help to carry out this routine

You will take from your Json only the part where the Key is equal to the item selected in the first Spinner.
Use the Dictionary blocks to get these values from a Key.


Create a Procedure that receives this parameter (name of the province chosen in the first spinner)

I try thanks