How to fix get wrong firebase data

  • This is my project bucket. I save all user in random ID.


User want to verify email with OTP to make his profile. if mail id is new to database, after user verify email open another Screen to fill user data and if mail id already in database open another screen home.
I did everything. 1st user login and logout and after login work perfect but user used another email and create profile it’s work fine. There after user log his 1st profile with email show wrong data. How to fix this.

Can you show what values are you getting?

1st I login with [email protected] and created user profile after show correct data thereafter logout and again login with [email protected] show correct data but I logout [email protected] and login with [email protected] create user profile after too show correct data and logout again and log again with [email protected] show correct data but problem is I log out [email protected] and log with [email protected] showed about [email protected] data. That is the problem

my English knowledge poor. hope u can understand

Whenever you login try clearing your tinydb data and try.

After get tag value try to implement,

Is in the list thing… and check up instead of using loop

But the thing is when I clear tinydb I can not get any data because firebase value call data with tinydb. can I send my aia in pm.

I think the issue is that you are using an random number for the main bucket what you should do make email the main bucket to retrieve users all data so you won’t have to get data from Tiny DB

I thought that but cant use email as project bucket. special character (@) not valid as project bucket

all you have to do is replace that special character and boom! you are good to go.