How to get a link from the blog post

I want to find a jpg image link from a blog post. Is it possible??


Use the web component, the HTML deocde function and then some of the text functions like segement etc to find and isolate.


Do you want to get link from computer or mobile browser or kodular application?
Please be more specific .
If yo want to get link from computer then do right click on image and copy image address…
If you want get link from phone browser then long press on image and copy image address [Google Chrome ]
And if you want it from kodular app then
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Thanks sir. But how to separate image link using segement component. From Https:// to .jpg or .png

As @cian suggested first see the post.
Then if you are not understanding then get a file url like this

Now you have to spilt text at ’ / ’ using the way showed in the post.
Always use the url provided by webviewer when download start block not web viewer current url.