How to get any parameter data from an url

Have this url and i want to get all data from it like , request_uuid , click_id , etc, reward_value

Use Segment Text Blocks
Start value and length or end value

Can i get an example?

I am not on PC



But you can use something like

Segment text = start text at text = your url
Piece = “request_vvid=”
Start = 1
Length = 10

And similarly all items like this

Using Segment text and Start text blocks use the same logic and get the volue

ok will try

If the request id and other values will be constant length mean you can use the above else, simply use select list item list + split text at block combo

some of value will not be constant length like tx_id reward_value

An example for request_uuid , similar approach for other values

this is my blocks but dont works

First segment is

what is wrong here?

Hide all comments and use Do it again, also less blocks

not works

ok works now fixed it, but every time once an user complete an survey Pollfish will send some data via this link and data will be different for every user. so every time once i fire the url i want to get that data from url. Is this may possible?

Yes of course

And how? May can i see some example.

Can u help me with this?

I am in hospital so I cont help with blocks today. Tm I will

ok no problem