How to get any parameter data from an url

is this work like i want?

Why won’t you try it ?

will try now issues is after = the data may be different from every users

As long as the url address is in the form of .....?/pollfish?request_uuid=value&tx_id=value&reward_value=value&click_id=valueusing above way will always give you

  • request_uuid=value
  • tx_id=value
  • reward_value=value
  • click_id=value
    regardless different values

ok will try and see how works

Here will have the same url , may i know then how will get this value every time once Pollfish send me the link?

Will the url be in the form of .....?/pollfish?request_uuid=value&tx_id=value&reward_value=value&click_id=value ? Then create procedures and once you got url pass it to procedure

Will be in this format[[request_uuid]]&tx_id=[[tx_id]]&reward_name=[[reward_name]]&reward_value=[[reward_value]]&click_id=[[click_id]]

And how can i get that url ? Need Web View also how to call request _uuid procedure? Please help still not understand

? Please help

So can u help me?

I believe you have all the info needed to find it, if needed modify code. Why won’t you try it yourself ?

i dont know how can i get the url into the procedure, is need to use Web view for this?

Never used pollfish so may I know from where do you get this url that you want to extract data from ? The question was how to extract data from a url

Yes the question was how to extract data from a url, but also need to get this url to get that data.

Url was created by me in Php and use to get data in my website.

Thats good but still need to get the url every time once Pollfish fired it.

May be not possible to get the URL of the triggered poll.

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