How to get data from API

Hello everyone, I try to get data from a site that provides an API address, so that each item is placed in a separate label.
I can not explain the information well … but this is the site cairo -
and this is image

can anyone help me?

Yes, I can help you, I will send you the aia file in the morning if it is far from the computer now

Right there in the API part tells you how to do it… you have to read…

You send a request through a URL that contains the api key that they give you when you register.

I tried to register and get a key, but it doesn’t let me…

once you have the key, you put it where the documentation says

Then you get a JSON with these blocks:



thx sooo much … I hope you send it to me

If you expect them to send you an aia, you’re not going to learn.
While you’re trying to test, it’s the best way to learn…

Probably wants to earn, not learn.

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Actually, I want to learn from the aia file … Because I tried your method and it did not work

This is not for making money … Please keep your words to yourself

I agree with you, I tried to get his Key api but without any reason I think that the site requires a link to my website and I do not have a website

Also this example is very useful I think it works

I have a free test website and I put it up and I didn’t get any api… the website doesn’t do anything

I think you should contact the site’s technical support on this matter

It seems that the web doesn’t work well