How to get down a line in text box?

I want to keep a note that when a user does Enter, then Enter will appear in the note when the user reads it from the server.
So far it has not worked, what can be done?

You have not explained your problem and ideas in detail.

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Ok, look here please.
Here I wrote the note.

And here, I read the note.

What to do?

You have some notes to read. User clicks on note… User read the note… & when user close that screen, you want to show Done! or something like this beside it. Am I got you right?

This app is a diary app, I have the write sceen. where this i wrote

after write, click save.

here the read screen-the note stored in firebase.

Try this,

  1. When user click Save, texts are stored on a database.
  2. Call values from database and show those data as records.

If you have done this and still not working , please post a screenshot.

I did it, this app works like that: the texts are values in tag-the tag in name of diary.

how? help me with that please.
what is that “records”?
i did get value and that it…

in the last, i set the value to label

i ask, how i can in the editor screen, to set note with enter?

Here I used Airtable, instead of Firebase. Take a look.

Update: no, it is not what I wanted.
help someone?

Your database is not storing \n which is Enter or new line, you wold have to isolate it before storing it and back when reading it again



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