How to get downloads in app?

Recently i have bought a play console and published few of my apps on it but i am unable to get downloads in that app and my revenue from ads is also Zero.
Do i need to invest in advertising?
My app is not showing in playstore search it is coming in link.

Advertising is an option. Given that your app is well built, user friendly and does something useful, if you advertise it correctly you can grow its audience.

  1. Choose the app title Perfect - Make sure your main keyword add in your app title

2.Research your keywords thoroughly - Keywords is another - important criteria on which your rank in the App Store depends. Make sure that you give enough attention to choosing right keywords for your app.
Example - App Annie
Sensor tower

3.Write a clear and concise app description - your app’s description is an important factor which decides whether the user will download your app or not once he has found it

4.Get more ratings, reviews. - Your app’s ranking in the search results is also greatly influenced by the ratings, reviews, and downloads it receives.

  1. Use High Quality Screenshots

For app ranking on play store i only depend on ASO. Aso really help you for ranking your app on app store .For more info just use google .


How long is the app in the Play Store (when was it first released)? It will take some time (> 24 hours) for the app to be available in the store. How can there be downloads unless the app is available / visible in the Play Store?

it is coming in link?

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Share with some of your friends and tell them to give 5 Star Rating that that ur app may available by searching