How to get every notification?

Hi; everybody i need help for my project i need to receive every notification like whatsapp, sms, instagram i already look for that but i couldn’t find anything really similar to my goal so if you have an idea to resolve this problem :slight_smile: thanks in advance.

  1. Use one signal to get notifications.
  2. Use NotificationStyle Extension And BackgroundTasks Extension To make this real.

ok thanks you i will try this.

hi, how i can use onse signal please ? , because i already try with push notification but nothing works.

Use push notifications component

Ok, but how i can do that ? with one signal api key ?

It has been explained in community. Please use search.

OK, i’am in the process of install sdk for one signal.

Just one thing i didn’t say what is my goal so i want that when i receive a notification (whatsapp, sms…) it send a word or something like that at an arduino.

I put my rest key in kodular parameter one signal and i use notification push when notification reveive component but i have nothing.

Can you show me an exemple for whatsapp notifiaction pls ?

you might want to try the notification listener extension


Ok, thank you but can we know which application sends the notification ?

Ok, i understood how to get title but when i try to test the app test is was not fonctionnal look :

The example project was built with MIT App Inventor… the TinyDB component seems to be not compatible anymore? Remove the TinyDB component and add it again…


hi, i was try with app inventor and everything is fonctionnal and i was replace the tiny db componant and i have the same error so do you have an idea to resolve that ?

Can show me an exemple of code with that ?

So who have an idea to do that ?

Hi everyone, i found the perfect exemple of what i want to realize but i want to make notiduino app with kodular.