How to get firebase database sub tag values list

How to get the list of values from tag list of firebase database I have created a tag list ABCD out of which I want to get list of values of one sub tag MRP my list is as follows

An example can be found

On making the list as you mentioned, the serial value in the list is doubled like the value of the first tag 1 time the value of 2 tags 2 times the value of 3 tags 3 times in this way the value of the value is multiplied according to the serial number

My blocks

I am fatch this problem in all 4 list

see, i have tried like this,

my structure


by this we can selectively take the particular tag value alone as a list… and from the list we can take it…

if you want particular value alone mean you can use this method… but if you want all the tag mean need to adjust the blcoks

Or if you do not have firebase authendication then web method(recom) will be very convenient to use, but you need to give the web url correctly… Make sure with that… Less blocks only will be needed


Gowri, I know this post was closed because you already asked my doubts in two situations. My question is with the example given below and I say, it worked, but how to use the listviewer here. His goal is for two things to show the “Name” and the “Neighborhood”. Then when choosing show this person’s information. I thought of another component, the List View Image and Text, because in addition to this data, the person has a photo (image). I don’t know and have no idea how to do this.

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  1. Will you use this name list apart from list view image text? Or use in anywhere in the app?
  2. Where is the users photo stored?
  3. Next time you can create another topic instead of continuing on the closed topic. :+1:

Thanks for the tip. I’ll open another topic and be more specific on what I want.

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