How to Get Index number of an Image?

How do I get the index number of an image, with URL stored in a airtable?

There Is Different Way To Get it

  1. If You Are Using Any ListView Then Your Selection Index Will Be an image Index
  2. If Your Are Not Using Any ListView Then

This Block May Help You
things = your targeted url
list = your tolal list got by airtable

it’s return index of targeted url

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I know how to do it right until this step, the problem is how do I actually get the URL of the image?

Clear Your Question

I mean, I know how to use the “Index in list thing” block, I know you need to put [get column name] block in the list socket. But what do I put in the thing socket?

I Have Mentioned It

Can you please post an image of a block, I’m new to kodular. I don’t know where to find my “targeted URL”

Targeted Url Means Jis image ke url ke index ko janna chahte ho us url ko dalo

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