How to get internal storage path location

So I want to divide a line in two words like for an example

My text line is this
/storage/emulated/ 0/Downloads/my folder

I want to divide this in 2 line like this

My first line is this :point_down:
/storage/emulated/ 0

My second line is This :point_down:
/Downloads/my folder

So I want the storage location like this

So I want the text which come before /Downloads/my folder

I know this possible but how ???

Thank you!!!


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Thank you you you you you very very very very much much much much much

Use the segment block


Or here you have some blocks to assemble to get the procedure above…



Path split is an extension ?? I didn’t get in kodular

I know you give correct answer but I didn’t understand can you explain me ?

It’s a procedure that you have to create by your self.


procedure -result

Yes just now I created now how I split path which come before Download

Have you tried the above blocks

I never used procedure in my life :sweat_smile: first time I am using that why I don’t know

OK, I’m going to stop torturing you :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Simple blocks

Procedure blocks

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I download a file after Download complete I get file path

/storage/emulated/0/Download/ my folder

Like I don’t know which text come before Download/my folder

So I get full path after Download complete


I don’t know this path :point_up:t2:

So after Download complete I detect the path which come before Download

I don’t want type this path /storage/emulated/0

I want this path /storage/emulated/0 which only come after file download has completed

I know what I tell it little bit confusing

Sorry for my bad English

Pls tell @Boban

Yes, try this (there are several ways to do this):

The second is (almost) the same as @Boban has shown.

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