How to get items form firebase in listview

Or this like

No n. I’m satisfied with this…:heart_eyes:

Livefree1.aia (40.2 KB)

test this

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God Bless u, dear koder!

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ScreenShot Tool -20220506192349
sorry for this cn u tell me wht is this​:zipper_mouth_face:

Are you testting with companion v 1.5.3 ? If yes update to v 1.5.4

If you didnt update the companion pls update it else try this aia
Livefree_2.aia (40.2 KB)

oky im checking​:roll_eyes:

ok solved nd thx :smiley:

Hi. @Still-learning how can i create space

just create a procedure just like what i did for label and introduce in the neede place correctly. If so pls remove the width of the label then

you can write SpaceView or can drag space component in that procedure

ok if i failed then u need to help me pls ok

where do you wan to add space?

Space bettwen “Number & method” Middle

R u busy.!

see, if you adjust or add space, i dodt think it will look fine

If It’s then It’s ok, but i want to some space that’s why i ask for that! Never mind can u help me for doing this please…
If looking not good then i will adjust i Don’t have problem :slightly_frowning_face:

This one?

U add space.?

Like this