How to get & match tags & values from Firebase DB in ColinTreeListView?

I am creating a basic chatting application.

The structure of my app is -

1. First-time users get redirected to the “Signup Screen” where they have to sign up with their phone number (Firebase Auth), Name and Upload a profile picture.

The values (Mobile Number, Profile Pic URL & Name) are stored in the Firebase DB under the tag (mobile number) which can be separated later using a separator at “@” whenever I need to get individual value from the tag.

After that, the user gets redirected to “Home” Screen.

Home Screen -

  1. I got the simple chat app layout (Chats, Status & Calls) on Home Screen, with a floating icon at the bottom right corner, which when clicked - opens another screen - Contacts.

This list is made by using ColinTreeListView & @DeveloperLeo extension for getting phone contact list. Here are the blocks:

Now, what I want is -

i) When any contact is clicked from the ColinTreeListView, if that user has installed the app and signed up (His number is stored as a tag in the Firebase DB), then that list item (contact) should be added in the Home Screen in another ColinTreeList, under the Chats section.

ii) When that is done, if we click on the contact in the Home Screen under the Chats section, the another Screen “Chat” to be opened with the user’s Name & Profile Picture at the Top Horizontal Arrangement followed by a ChatView in a normal chat app (kinda like WhatsApp).

Please let me know how can I make this possible?

Hoping for positivity! Thank you so much! :smile: