How to get only text with in two marks from array

I’m newbie in kodular and want to know how to get only text with in two marks (“12”,"14,“5”,“22”) from this array:
[“12” , 1 , “14”, 2 , “5”, 3 , “22”].

Need you help.
Thank you

With this code, you can get all strings from an array. You need a Web component as well, found in the Connectivity drawer.


Strings.aia (2.2 KB)

where do you get this array? from any database? is showasjsonlist enabled in your project?

Even if it isn’t, this is not even a correctly formatted array.

No commas.

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I got it from my spreadsheet table.
I just want to made these data and show it on chart.
but still failed.

It seems you are using mit app, in which only after getting data from web if you use list from table you will get this array… if you use this extension 📊 [Free] ChartMakerPlus - an extension to make google charts - Extensions - MIT App Inventor Community just use the same value as it is…

if you dont mind pls show us your complete blocks

here is my unfinished block:
Chart.aia (16.6 KB)

by these i’ll try to create Bar and Line chart then show them in the app.
please, give me an advice.