How to get screen 1 manu on screen 2 also

i maked one application and i put vertical manu on screen 1 when i try this app manu doesnt show on screen 2 , there is any way to do this?

i tried to find similar questions and also search on google and i find how to add different sidemanu on all screen or how to remove side manu from any screen but i didnt get my answer so i asked i want same side manu on all screen.

I think every screen have their own menu. So just click copy screen when on Screen1 and rename new screen to Screen2

Thanks It’s Work :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:, and can you also tell me one banner id use in all banners or need separate I’d ?

Happy to help :wink:
It is suggested that you should use only one banner id in all banner ads in your app.

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