How to get Sha256 and Md5 signature of my app

Well, I was developing Amazon auth aix, but there is a challenge for me, I know kodular provides Sha1 signature of app but, I need signature in form of Sha256 and MD5 for it, kindly help me to get one


I don’t think that its possible to get SHA256 and md5 signature in kodular

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Well, Maybe some one comes up with a solution

Can u share me the apk i can try to get it…


Somewhat less clear to me

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I opened apk wit WinRar but didnt found success

Well, I got Sha256, now just I need to find a way to get MD5

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Well, tried Keytool but no md5 present

Do you have jadx installed?

Well, Can it do the job?

Yes it will… i have published one guide just now it need approval …

Open app in jadx and after opening you will see APK signature option there is sha1 sha256 md5 signature listed

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@UnknownBeast hope you will find your solution here:-


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