How to get specific amount of data from firebase?

Hello all

I am making a video status app with firebase database,

in my project bucket i have more then 100 tags and i want to call just 20 of them to my app for reduce the loading time.

is there any way to get the data with limit?

Click a button to Get tag list.

Count the value

Use for each number block to extract 20 items…

You can use dictionary+ web component method to extract all data at a time in few sec

will you please elaborate with an example or blocks

You can find lot of example in our community…

But i am using authentication rules

Oh no… Then you have to use firebase get tag list only. Pls ref here

At the biginning i am also think to use Get tag list but when the tags are more (even 200 to 500) the loading time are also increase.

so want a way to get the tags in limit like other database MySql or airtable.

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