How to get specific items from a random list

Yes ! That’s it !

The only thing, when we have chosen a color, it is deleted, whereas we should be able to put the same one several times.

How did you do it? Can you help me ??

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It should also be possible to change a color given by the player, if he made a mistake.

I would like you to explain to me how you did all this, I want to understand the logic because I think I am not far from the solution but there is something stuck

If so how can user can go to next attempt? I feel if he picked up all colours then that attempt was over so he allowed to play next attempt until he reach 12…

This is the logic.

  1. I achieved all these with just dynamic component extension.

  2. Create 4 button and 4 four image layout with id =1 in HA1 and 6 label with 6 color along with clickable enabled in HA2 and disabled this , But image must be in hidden mide.

  3. Meanwhile designed to create random color picker for the app. Once random 4 colour generated then design the images to add. Same time created the index of random color in a list like 4,3,5,1 somewhat.

  4. Once user picked the label then that color index added into the clicked button and added to the list

  5. If all over, then only logic plays… then compare the picked color list with random color list and display the images along with png…

  6. Since I used VSA i was unable to handle how to scroll up when user reaches the bottom of the screen. So I designed to hide the HA from the too(but it hides the last attempt HA, going to change)

  7. If user picks doesnot matches with random list then I’d will be automatically goes to +1

  8. That’s all my friend…

Personally, I will have put a “validate” button, activated when the player’s 4 proposals are made. By clicking on this button, we move on to the next round (if the combination is not found).

And if the player clicks again on one of the pawns he has chosen, he can modify the color if he wants to change it (if he was wrong)

Thank you for the explanations. For you, it seems very simple and basic, but for me it takes a lot of time to understand ^^ I will try to reproduce with your explanations, but if you agree to give the aia, it would be great to understand by seeing the blocks

Thanks to you !

Moreover, a small bug on your apk, the screen does not scroll when you reach several attempts, suddenly you do not see all the combinations that we have proposed

Yes, instead of scroll i planned to hide the dynamic arrangement from the top but added blocks to hide the last attempt. That’s is the bug , i will edit it and will send you in pm

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Why won’t you post it here so everyone can learn :slight_smile: instead of pm

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I know a similar game:

Computer has a number with 4 digits, each digit is different with each other.
you guess the number, and computer will tell you ‘mAnB’, which means your guess have m ‘right number and right position’ and n ‘right number and wrong position’. when you get ‘4A0B’, you guess the right one.
how many time you need to get the correct number?

Or, change your positions, you have a number, and let the computer to guess. there is an algorithm with that computer can guess right in less than 6 times.

Yes, what you are describing looks like MasterMind, but with numbers. I think the logic is similar.

CodeBreaker (1).apk (5.8 MB)

(Forget to hide the secret code)

Based on over all above conversation i have tried this apk, pls test it, if possible and let me know …

It’s work perfectly :heart_eyes:

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…and this is a preview of mine, still working in UI :slight_smile:

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Yeah… I was tried with demo and I constructing just like this site

I am going to post the aia as open source, i have added score and top ranking will be marked as verified material icon

Hi, all… I have attempted to create a above said app with little work… Busy with my own profession… I Feel happy that my kids are playing well. This is easy level mode i have crated… With still more limited blocks we can make it to harder level… I hope this aia nowhere had issue. If happen kindly adjust if possible(especially in width only may arise)

Just try and let me know…
CodeBreaker_Final_GSR1.aia (513.2 KB)


CodeBreaker_Final_GSR1 (2).apk (5.8 MB)

(Only for learning purpose)

(Note : The above attempt was tried for my 7 year old twin childs)

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In Screen1 but if you see code automatically opens Screen3 :slight_smile:

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